Preemie Music Therapy
“The Breath of a New Life”

Presentations at Congress

1st International Congress for Music in Therapy, Medicine and Advice

 The Breath of a New Life presented in Hamburg – Germany, in 2003. Presented by Ibolya Levay.

15th German Preemie Conference

The Breath of a New Life presented in Siegen – Germany in 2014. Presented by Tibor Levay.

Featured at Medical Exhibition

The Espero audio system was exhibited at a Neonatological and Paediatric Intensive Medicine care exhibition in Germany. 

Magazine for Child Nurses

Featured on the cover as “Music Therapy”. The following pages discuss everything about our music therapy for premature babies, “The Breath of a New Life”. Including an explanation of our results measured in clinics.

MedCare Catalog featuring the Espero Audio system

The Espero audio system is a special tool installed on incubators, with 2 speakers inside the incubator that plays the music therapy at an optimal listening level for premature babies. 

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