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The Levay family who created the Baby Music In Tune series, and music for premature babies.

Music to support your baby.

These works provide contentment for you and your baby over the initial difficult yet fulfilling years of development. Our devotion to and involvement in the realisation of this project tells us that you will enjoy, with our acoustical support, many happy family moments.

What are the Benefits?

1. Developed in cooperation with Professors and Doctors
2. Preemie Music Therapy was Clinically Tested and Proven
Stabilises breathing, the heart rate and improves oxygen saturation in the blood.
3. Appropriately serves sleeping, feeding, playing and rejuvenation
2. Unconscious education of the baby
3. Provides a deep sense of security
4. Nurtures bonding and increased wellness for the entire family
5. Brings about an instant connection to the soul
6. The musical support is age appropriate


Our Objective

To dedicate this music to babies, this is a collaboration between Tibor Levay, renowned as a pioneer of composing “Baby Music”, and Dr. Albinca Pesek a musicologist.
A picture of a baby being bottle fed by its mother.

How was the baby music composed?

The world’s classical music masterpieces were not composed with a function in mind they were leaps of imagination. That is why they create an expression of intellectual richness and freedom. We must remember that for babies this flood of sensory information is too rich, too complex, and because of that dynamic range too nervous, and sometimes even frightening.
In order to transport the richness of these compositions to babies the following principals were followed in the orchestration and production:
• Very careful selection of the compositions taken from the complete world of music.
• Certain passages in the compositions were “edited out” to create a more gentle flow
through the different themes, allowing a deepening of the child’s sleep phase.
• The remaining “high point” sections were dynamically reduced;
the loudness was replaced with expressive performance.
• The compositions were enriched and completed with a specially developed “sound design” for babies.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use the different albums?

• CDs 1 & 2 can be used from early pregnancy, through the birthing process and beyond. • Also effective during recovery, whether at home, in the nursery or while traveling. • Use CD 3 from 5 or 6 months when your child is able to sit begins to play and occupy him/herself, to assist with focusing. • CD 4 – rejuvenation is used to increase energy levels and to soothe stress.

How the Baby Music series led to the creation for a music therapy for premature babies...

Tibor Levay, composer and producer, is well known for many years and his CD series for mothers and babies “Grand Master Pieces for Small Ears“. His CD series was one of the first in this field.

Following the publication of this series, many music therapists, specialists in the field of Baby Music, personally contacted him. They tested his music in the hospitals and used it with great success.

So far he received much praise for these music albums accompanied with a huge number of emails and grateful letters.
Because of that, he was asked to compose for the needs of premature babies too, whose needs are quite different. 

His 3 years of research has brought very good results. Several studies have been conducted in hospitals, not only by him, but also by the young generation of music therapists.

He was invited to the 1st World Congress of Music and Medicine in Hamburg, where he was the only one to present in the category of “music for premature baby’s”.

Meanwhile, his music is also used overseas with great success in hospitals and individuals who use these albums, from Dubai to Germany…

Our Team

We are a musical family passionate about positively contributing to the lives of others through our music. 

research for baby lullabies

Ibolya Levay

Research and Development

Ibolya studied singing and Musicology at the Philosophical Faculty in Ljubljana / Slovenia. For many years she taught singing and music theory. She studied naturopathy at the German Paracelsus Schools in Munich.

analysing results for preemie music therapy

Tibor Levay


Tibor studied composition at the Music Academy in Budapest/Hungary. Over 30 years experience in the composition of international film music for movies and TV. Since 1988 he was intensively concerned with music for babies. 


Rafael Levay

Brand & Marketing Manager

Rafael studied brand and marketing at Vega in South Africa. He also composes music with his family, and currently is involved in bringing the Baby Series and Premie Music Therapy to families in need. 

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