Baby Music In Tune Bundle



Duration: 3h:40m  Format: MP3

This bundle is a collection of the four albums.

  1. Sleep In Tune
  2. Feed In Tune
  3. Play In Tune
  4. Rejuvenate In Tune


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Summary of the 4 Albums:

Sleep In Tune: This compilation of smooth pearls of the world’s music literature and lullabies will invite your baby in a peaceful dreamland.

Feed In Tune: This composition creates a supportive acoustic background, without distraction during feeding.

Play in Tune: This album will help to promote your baby’s concentration and focus, it creates an atmosphere for the child to play alone joyfully for longer periods of time.

Mom Rejuvenate In Tune: The music on this album helps mothers to regenerate and recover, it has a gentle dynamic to build up your own energy.


For further information and samples of the music please click on the individual albums.

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