2. Feed In Tune

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To stimulate Breastfeeding and Feeding

Duration: 56:19   Format: MP3

This composition creates a supportive acoustic background, without distraction during feeding.


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In the first months breastfeeding is the best and most important for your baby. With breastfeeding you give not only nutrients to your child but much more love, tenderness and security. The music on this album has a perfect stimulative effect for the baby during feeding. Your baby will not be distracted and feeding times will be moments that you will cherish.

This special album of baby music for feeding has been created to help stimulate better breastfeeding for newborn babies. With songs specifically designed to be soothing and calming, this breastfeeding music for newborn babies will provide the perfect auditory environment for your little one to relax and focus on feeding. The soothing melodies and harmonies will provide a natural lull for your baby, allowing them to better latch on and increase milk flow. Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, this album will help make feeding times more comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your baby. Experience the difference that this specially crafted music can make and cherish the bonding moments with your newborn baby during feeding time.

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