Letters from parents who used our music.

Our daughter came, in the 35th week of gestation, 26/07/2006 into the world, her lungs were not fully developed, she had a serious lung infection that required two blood transfusions and had two heart defects. I searched the Internet and came to this site, ordered this CD and played it to my daughter regularly which impressed me , the doctors + nurses also. As her breathing and her heartbeat normalized, less O2 was needed and both she and I relaxed. Two years have passed and we still listen to the CD almost every day to relax after a stressful day, just great.


Preemie Music Therapy

Dear Baby Music In Tune Team,

In August of this year I received the complete In Tune music series from you. I became aware of it when the Hipp Pennaten baby club sent me a music sample with some of their music. I was quite moved by the music and did not hesitate to order it.

Now I must say that this investment has paid off. My daughter Merle is 7 months old and has been going to physiotherapy since she was 3 months old. The exercises have not been going easy with her, she has always been very restless and reluctant. I have then at home, while I was doing the exercises with her, one of your CD’s running in the background, and she has been completely busy listening to the music, as opposed to with what I’m doing with her. The physiotherapy is no longer a problem.  

Furthermore, she was always very excited during feeding, did everything else except eat. Again, I thought what helped with the physiotherapy might help now. Again I turned on a CD. And lo and behold, the lady remained seated and somehow “preoccupied” she opened her mouth again and again, and ate. 

I do not know what the music triggers in the little ones for a feeling, but I must say that I am very grateful for it. When my daughter, for whatever reason, is not well, is too excited, or has to do her exercises, the music has helped a lot to calm my daughter, to relax and to keep her busy.

I am very happy to have made this discovery and will definitely recommend it to others. If there is any news, I would be very grateful to hear about it. 


Baby Music

Hipp – Pennaten Baby Club,

Dear Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the baby package which made us very happy. The photo album is really great, because one like this you can’t buy in the store. The best from the products was the baby music for sleeping. We use it with small speakers, and our daughter Michele, loves it. Falling asleep is for her easy and joyful.


Baby Music

Our Leonie came into the world four and a half years ago. In the 32nd week of gestation, her lungs were not fully developed and her heart rate frequency decreased. I searched for and ordered this CD immediately. Even in the hospital they were all thrilled. The CD is still routine listening after almost four and a half years. It is simply fantastic.


Preemie Music Therapy

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