Baby Music for a Peaceful Sleep... and more

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New Born:


Rejuvenating & Recovering

Developed with:
Dr. Albinca Pesek (Musicologist)

Composed by:
Tibor Levay 
More than 30 years experience
in music for babies.

Premature babies:

Clinically Proven Music Therapy for Premature Babies

Developed with:
Professor Christoph Vogtmann (NICU)

Music for Babies

Scientifically selected songs from classical world of music, adopted to the needs of babies, for sleeping, feeding and playing.
The series titled "Grand masterpieces for Small Ears"

Music for Mothers

This album was created for mothers to help regenerate and recover. It has a gentle dynamic to build up your own energy in a physical and emotional way.

Music for Premature Babies

The music therapy which is clinically proven to improve premature babies breathing, heart rate and oxygen saturation. Successfully utilised in European NICUs.

Introducing Baby Music In Tune

What makes this Baby Music Series unique?

  1. Intensive scientific research and careful selection from world music literature.  In cooperation with Dr. Albinca Pesek:
    Highly experienced musicologist concerning the effects of music to babies. Since more than 28 years.

  2. Sophisticated musical rearrangement and production. Specifically adapted to better suit the needs of babies sensitive hearing.
    Over a period of 5 years in Europe.

  3. High quality symphony orchestration and contemporary sound design combined with the newest information available
    in the field of child music psychology.

What are the main Benefits?

1. Appropriately serves sleeping, feeding, playing and rejuvenation
2. Unconscious education of the baby
3. Provides a deep sense of security
4. Nurtures bonding and increased wellness for the entire family

Listen and Discover:

"Grand Masterpieces for Small Ears"

Sleep In Tune
For relaxing and falling asleep.
Duration: 54:01 

Feed In Tune
To stimulate Breastfeeding and Feeding
Duration: 56:19

Play In Tune
For Emotional Balance and Concentration.     Duration: 53:37

Mom Rejuvenate In Tune
Helps mothers to regenerate and recover
Duration: 56:45

Baby Music In Tune Bundle
Bundle containing the 4 albums, “Grand Masterpieces for Small Ears”
Duration: 3h:40m 

How do Moms use these albums?

Each album acts as a Muscial Cue, which lets the baby know – “its sleep time” , “yay its feeding time” or play time.

Using different albums for different activities, such as sleeping, feeding, and playing/focusing, is a great way to help babies develop a sense of routine and structure. When a baby hears a specific album playing, they will begin to associate it with a particular activity, which can help them prepare for that activity and know what to expect. 

For example, if a baby hears the “Sleeping” album playing, they will know that it’s time to settle down and prepare for sleep. The calming music and familiar cues will help them relax and get into a sleep-ready state. Similarly, if they hear the “Feeding” album, they will know that it’s time to eat, and the music can help them relax and enjoy their meal.

The same goes for the “Playing/focusing” album. When a baby hears this music, they will know that it’s time to play or engage in an activity that requires focus and attention. The music can help them get into a playful and focused mindset and stay engaged for longer periods.

By using music as a cue for different activities, parents help their babies develop a sense of routine and structure, which is beneficial for their overall development and well-being. Babies thrive on predictability and consistency, and the use of music helps provide that in a fun and engaging way.

Preemie Music Therapy


Espero was created to equip parents with a clinically proven music therapy solution, that is easy to use. Enabling parents to actively participate in their premature baby’s progress and wellbeing.


How does it help?

The music therapy stabilizes their breathing rate, heart frequency, and helps to support oxygen saturation.

It creates a sheltered atmosphere for the baby through a special sound design that absorbs high noise levels. The music can be heard even through the water barrier in the baby’s ears.

It is 43 minutes long and its positive effects last for the next 40 to 60 minutes. The music is suitable for clinically stable preemies and recommended for mothers with twins and those struggling with sleep. 


Letters from parents who used our music.

Our Leonie came into the world four and a half years ago. In the 32nd week of gestation, her lungs were not fully developed and her heart rate frequency decreased. I searched for and ordered this CD immediately. Even in the hospital they were all thrilled. The CD is still routine listening after almost four and a half years. It is simply fantastic.


Preemie Music Therapy

Dear Baby Music In Tune Team,

In August of this year I received the complete In Tune music series from you. I became aware of it when the Hipp Pennaten baby club sent me a music sample with some of their music. I was quite moved by the music and did not hesitate to order it.

Now I must say that this investment has paid off. My daughter Merle is 7 months old and has been going to physiotherapy since she was 3 months old. The exercises have not been going easy with her, she has always been very restless and reluctant. I have then at home, while I was doing the exercises with her, one of your CD’s running in the background, and she has been completely busy listening to the music, as opposed to with what I’m doing with her. The physiotherapy is no longer a problem.  

Furthermore, she was always very excited during feeding, did everything else except eat. Again, I thought what helped with the physiotherapy might help now. Again I turned on a CD. And lo and behold, the lady remained seated and somehow “preoccupied” she opened her mouth again and again, and ate. 

I do not know what the music triggers in the little ones for a feeling, but I must say that I am very grateful for it. When my daughter, for whatever reason, is not well, is too excited, or has to do her exercises, the music has helped a lot to calm my daughter, to relax and to keep her busy.

I am very happy to have made this discovery and will definitely recommend it to others. If there is any news, I would be very grateful to hear about it. 


Baby Music

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