4. Rejuvenate In Tune

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Helps mothers to increase endurance and internal energy.

Duration: 56:45   Format: MP3

The music on this album helps mothers to regenerate and recover, it has a gentle dynamic to build up your own energy.


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This album has been created primarily for the wellbeing of the mother. Although pregnancy is a rich and rewarding period in a woman’s life, it can also be a time of physical discomfort, weariness, emotional stress and strain.
With the birth of a baby, a mother needs to draw upon all her resources in order to provide the love, security, emotional wellbeing and guidance that her child will need in the years to come. As a result of this, her life has changed. She may have to put her career on hold, her social circle may change. She may also feel that she no longer has any time for herself and that there is no escape.

The pieces on this album will help the mother rest peacefully and stabilise her emotions in order for her to find new hope and power to refuel for her next “marathon”.

Pieces such as Chopin’s “Nocturno Op 72”, Mozart’s “Ave Verum” and Bach’s “Air” revitalise emotional energies, whilst Ravel’s “Bolero”, Wagner’s “Tannhauser” and Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”  help increase physical energy.

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