1. Sleep In Tune



For relaxing and falling asleep.

Duration: 54:01   Format: MP3

This compilation of smooth pearls of the world’s music literature and lullabies will invite your baby
in a peaceful dreamland.

Successfully used with more than 520,000 babies
in Germany & Austria.


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To bring your baby to sleep, we carefully selected those musical pieces which assist in calming your baby. Specifically adapted to the needs of babies sensitive hearing.

In addition we have selected the most popular lullabies worldwide and rearranged them in the same way as above.

The album was completed and perfected with several own compositions by Tibor Lévay.

This is a unique series for baby and mother, specifically designed with both scientific and aesthetic considerations in mind.
Featuring a collection of the most beautiful songs from the world’s music literature, this series presents them in a way you’ve never heard before.

This music is not only a perfect solution for parents struggling with a baby who doesn’t want to sleep or are looking for ways on how to help my baby sleep at night. It’s also for parents looking to enrich their child spiritually and acoustically for the rest of their life.  This album also offers a unique and aesthetic musical experience for the whole family.

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